Finch ★★★½

I think if this’d bin on Amazon’er Netflix’er even like fuckin’ HULU it would’ve bin massive, an’ I’m sayin’ that as sumone who can’ even GET Hulu. I ref’rence Amblin way too much doin’ these but this’s proper got that warm orange ‘Appysad feel y’need ta qual’fy, an’ Hanks’s at the stage where he’s perfec’ fer that mood now, he’s ev’ryone’s Dad at this point basic’ly an’ when he gets angry y’feel like he’s a scoldin’ YOU. Short Circuit an’ Chappie get brough’ up ‘round this a lot but I don’ get that second one other’n they’ve both got Robots. MAYBE if y’narrow y’eyes enuff it could be Chappie made by sumone ya’d mute in yer NSFW Group Chat coz they never stop sendin’ memes y’could get fuckin’ CAUTIONED OVER but I think thass jus’ ev’ryone havin’ heard all movies’er jus Inser’ Film Name ‘Ere Onna Place It Ain’t Happened B’fore. Fer a start even b’fore he starts ta soun’ wind up doll Jeff The Robot’s voice don’ make me wanna fuckin’ cry. They did that really good job’ve slowly makin’ it ob’vus he woz learnin’ by the way, it took me a second t’realise me thinkin’ ‘is voice woz changin’ weren’ a tumour. 

Minus half-a-star coz I think it wants t’be fer all the fam’ly but it’s a BIT too slow. R’member when people said Wall-E might not work fer kids coz nobody speaks fer twen’y minutes? This’s kind’ve the r’verse where it’s the fun shit/chatty stuff rate’s too bent t’wards the words, there SUM excitement but it’s few’n far. Even Flight’ve the Nav’gator ‘ad FLIGHT b’tween me wan’in’ t’know where my fuckin’ Mint Coke is. Where the FUCK is my Mint Coke you bastards? I’ve waited over thir’y years, I’ve suffered enuff. 

Also yes I did get an AppleTV+ subscription thanks fer noticin’.

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