Funny Games

Funny Games ★★

considering i've actually liked around two (maybe three) of them, it's kind of amazing i've seen nearly all of haneke's films, especially since there are directors i revere where i've seen less than half of their output. probably something weirdly masochistic going on with my big stern austrian daddy: i know he's going to irritate the hell out of me, and it's not even the possibility he might pull out a good movie that keeps me coming back so much as the precise way it hurts when he irritates me.

anyway no idea what possessed me to rewatch this other than youtube served it up. guess what: it's still his most numbingly obnoxious attempt to make you feel like a bad person, somehow even more so than the original. i feel like i should appreciate a "the world and everything in it is shit, including you for watching this movie" in a world of ted lassos, but of course the problem is haneke never implicates himself as also being shit for making the thing, or for the clear boner he gets rubbing the audience's faces in the shit of the world in nearly every movie he makes, and there's nothing worse than being lectured at by a pervert who thinks he's above his fellow perverts.