The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★★

"The Godfather" is a completely enveloping experience. From the inky blacks and caramels of its color palette to the masterful arrangement of actor, prop, set piece, and camera in Francis Coppola's frame composition, the viewer is slowly and subtly engrossed visually. From a story that plays out like a knot of organized criminal machinations, to measured and deliberate-paced editing, the audience is immersed narratively. From an ideally realized and now-iconic cast, to superb individual performances, the observer is gripped by the film's characters. "The Godfather" is, simply, an achievement on all levels: a masterpiece that absorbs its audience into all that the film is.

Away from the film's technical and aesthetic superiority, we see a film that is about power, a theme that burns from the film's first frame. Look deeper, however, and the theme of power gives way to something more personal, more passionate, and the theme that gives "The Godfather" its resonance: the undying importance of family.

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