Stitch! The Movie

Stitch! The Movie ★★★

An uptempo Disney release that is better than its straight-to-video pedigree suggests, "Stitch! The Movie" is a solid follow-up to its animated predecessor. It can in no way reach the Elvis-infused, Hawaiian-flavored highs of 2002's "Lilo and Stitch," but Tony Craig and Robert Gannaway's family-friendly sci-fi romp provides a buoyant experience.

Revisiting the first film's main characters, "Stitch! The Movie" finds the wily alien experiment and his human family on a quest to free similar living galactic concoctions. About family in all its forms, the narrative provides colorful adventure and endearing heart.

Though the animation lacks polish, Craig and Gannaway elevate the televsion-quality look with strongly defined characters, uptempo energy, and personality-rich designs. It all has appealing bounce and vigor.

"Stitch! The Movie" is light-weight and enjoyable. Like a brief visit with old friends, it reminds its audience what was so engaging about its predecessor but does not outstay its welcome.

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