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  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Count me surprised that I didn't like this more than I did but it felt like...an overlong, self-serious mess?

    This isn't to say it didn't have moments that work - Colin Farrell! - but it pulls in far too many directions for its own good. The 'Riddler as the Zodiac Killer' angle was more than enough for a film, and should have been the entire focus here. Everything else that's shoved in feels unnecessary and weighs the film down, particularly the insistence on connecting the overall plot to the Wayne family history.

    Also, I found the narration overwrought and a bit silly.

  • Escape from Mogadishu

    Escape from Mogadishu


    This is the first time I've felt compelled to write a review in a long, long while...

    I feel the need to address the debate as to how the film handles the Somalian civil war itself. Some have argued its used as purely a backdrop for the focus on the relations between the South and North Koreas.

    To be sure, that is the film's primary focus, but it feels genuine: both nations were competing for inclusion in the UN and…

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  • The Man Standing Next

    The Man Standing Next


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I've long wanted to see a good film about the assassination of President Park Chung-hee. To be clear, he's an absolutely monumental, divisive figure within Korea. He oppressed his people, but was also responsible for much of Korea's modernization. Many in the older and younger generations in the country are *still* largely divided over their perception of him, as well as that of his daughter, another corrupt, ousted President. So, when I saw that we were finally getting one, but…

  • Save the Green Planet!

    Save the Green Planet!


    Quaracation: Korean Cinema! Part VI

    Well, uh...this was a movie. I'll never look at beekeepers the same way again.

    As Save the Green Planet began, I was ecstatic. I'd read about how the director was inspired by a viewing of Misery - feeling that he wanted to craft a kidnapping film from the perspective of the ostensible villain, as he felt Kathy Bates character, however well-performed, was one dimensional.

    What excited me, however, was the idea he combined this with:…