Avatar ★★★★

3D Re-Release

The intensions of how to view particular art can be essential to the quality of what you are consuming, and that is no more prominent in anything than James Cameron's 'Avatar'. Watching on a moderately sized projected screen with a good sound system is an adequate way of viewing this film, but it was very much intended to be witnessed on a storeys tall projected sheet with superb sound quality in 3D and that is where the experience reigns supreme. The screenplay issues are erased, they still unfortunately plague the film as the scenes spent with humans feel relatively boring compared to immersed in Pandora and the planet's wildlife. However, whatever lulls occur in notably the first half are not enough to ruin a spectacular finale that truly showcases how dedicated and passionate of a director Cameron is! The action is so incredibly fun and it wraps up this epic in effectively emotional way. Throughout too, the visual effects are utterly impeccable. Remastered in glorious 4K, it's amazing to think something like this was achieved in 2009 and shockingly looks better than some big budget output from Hollywood today. A quality that is only able to be experienced in the 3D version is the use of small objects, whether that be animals or debris, that helps create a three-dimensional atmosphere which allows the universe to feel so real; allowing the audience to get sucked into this alien world and be absorbed by it's texture. The sound design and effects are engrossing, everything sounds so crisp and within the environment. What James Cameron and his cast of actors and crew of filmmakers were able to execute here with 'Avatar' is unmatched, not one of the best films ever made but certainly one of the greatest with it's groundbreaking achievement in visual effects and digital storytelling, resulting in being an important piece of cinema!

The sneak peak for 'The Way of the Water' after the main credits was fantastic! Proves to be promising with an seeming improvement upon this film's visual effects. Very excited!

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