Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★

Knives Out is fun and twisted, but fails to be funny about half of the time it attempts to be. With stellar performances coming from every which way, it's hard not to feel like some of this wonderful cast is underplayed and underused. Daniel Craig is unsurprisingly fantastic in the southern detective role, as he continues to diviserfy his expanding career. The movie's pace is a little funny sometimes and provides information inconsistently, but does keep the audience on track with everything they need to know. The cinematography is fantastic here, with vibrance and color being a huge focal point for the film makers. One of the bigger examples of wasted talent comes from powerhouse Jamie Lee Curtis, who gives a hell of a performance but isn't given enough screentime for you to really appreciate it. The mystery aspect of the movie is pretty fun, but does feel a little stilted and even prompts you to stop caring from time to time due to a plethora of misleading clues. It's overall rather fun, but isn't without its faults. Knives Out will keep you entertained for most of its runtime but don't expect the next best Agatha Christie novel, because it was certainly written by someone with very little experience in the whodunit genre.