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  • Jack Goes Boating

    Jack Goes Boating


    This was strange...
    The directing and the acting are great here, Philip Seymour Hoffman's directorial debut about two shy an introverted persons falling in love is mostly subtle and carefully observed. But I found the underlying play by Robert Glaudini to be quite uneven and on more than one occasion completely out of line. It's a carefully crafted film, no doubt. Bu I wish Hoffman had chosen a better fundament for his first - and only - film as a director.

  • Easter Parade

    Easter Parade


    There is almost no story in the film - but great dialogue and music, wonderful singing, dancing, directing, set decorating...
    And there is Fred Astaire and Judy Garland - a dynamite pairing which enlightens the screen for one and a half delightful hours. Astaire and Garland shine and make the other actors look pale. It's their (only) movie and they seem to have had a lot of fun together.
    "Easter Parade" is a joy to watch - Fred, Judy and all the other contributors behind the camera transform it to something bigger, which reaches beyond its formulaic disposition.

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  • Good Morning

    Good Morning


    My first Ozu!
    "Ohayô" is set in a Japanese suburb. The box-like houses seem permeable, the borders between the apartments open. Various families live here with their children, this is where intrigues and misunderstandings arise, and love ties are formed.
    In this film, Ozu looks lovingly and humorously at the life of the Japanese middle class and treats the viewer with a set of charming stories. "Ohayô" appears mosaic-like, the director's main focus is on communication, he reveals its forms…

  • Stage Fright

    Stage Fright


    "Stage Fright" is generally regarded as one of Hitchcocks lesser films. Such attribute always provoke me to see a film all the more. According to my experience it isn't always awarded justly.
    Well, in this case it is. "Stage Fright", shot in England, is expertly staged and very well played but the screenplay (by Whitfield Cook) is a mess.

    The Film starts with the typical "wrong man" motif: Jonathan Cooper (Richard Todd) was seen fleeing his lover's apartment shortly before…