Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai ★★★★★

This is the true "Suicide Squad" of it's heyday.

The tone is a deconstruction of the samurai genre mixed with heroic bloodshed and a dash of the bittersweet.

The mark this one film has had the cinematic landscape is undeniable.

Works such as Platoon, Magnificent Seven and Zulu take thier cue from from this tale. While the tropes and cliches presented in the film had existed long before it was made. The film works because it so masterfully displays all together in way that will be mimicked and homaged for the rest of time.

The story is quite simple.

Seven samurai are recruited by a small village to help fend out a marauding band of ronin. The few against the many, the weak against the strong and the class division of the main cast. A love affair between one of the seven and a village girl causes major tension to rise in the ranks of the defenders. And not all the samurai are as they seem. All this comes to a head in the awesome finale.

Everything works. I love it's artistic simplicity.

Indeed the way of the samurai is found in death.

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