The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

The Northman walks a fine line between realistic revenge story and surrealistic elements of sortilege, up to standard with the remainder of Egger’s already legendary filmography. Its prolific thematic references to existential fatalism and brutal representation of the barbaric times endured by those seeking vengeance make for a nail-biting and ferociously brutal film that is of a deeply visceral nature.

Beautifully scored and masterfully shot, The Northman is bloody, brutal, and ostentatious. It does all it can to hook the audience in from the start and definitely succeeds in doing so.

Its great acting and performances further solidify the film as a believable and at times, moving piece of fiction. Perfectly scored and completely smothered with visual symbols, the picture is a delight to view and hear.

Overall, The Northman is a powerful and intense story of revenge that incorporates elements of the surrealist nature.

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