Blonde ★★

It’s incredibly well made and well crafted, but blonde is overly graphic and is a work of fiction I feel never should have been put to screen, despite DeArmas’ exceptional performance. 

The film is helmed by Ana DeArmas who is such an incredible star, and though I keeps getting interested in the story, I was repeatedly pulled out by the fact that this is a completely made up story and sex fantasy about Norma Jean/Marilyn. 

Dominick offers an interesting style and vision to the film, but relies on nudity and sex appeal far too often, distracting from what the movie really is and what it’s about because again, it’s story is interesting but it’s all just one massive sex fantasy sold as a story about Norma Jean/Marilyn which honestly feels so wrong, why not just make a movie actually about her life? A story that wouldn’t make people feel guilty for watching? A story that would undoubtedly be better than this. 

The film is extremely graphic and poor Ana DeArmas is topless for an unfathomable amount or screen time, in awkward situations that just make the audience uncomfortable, like why do we have to sit through that?

Blonde is a well crafted film lead head first by Dominick’s vision, and is guided by the absolute star that is Ana DeArmas but ultimately has too many uncomfortable scenes and shortcomings that make the tale a tough watch despite its engaging story that feels like it just shouldn't exist.

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