• Dreams



    I am by no way an unbiased individual to rate this film. I have very vivid dreams, and I believe dreams are extremely important to not just the creative process - but processing life in general. In my later years, once I'm a quadrillionaire, I'd like to open a non-profit institute dedicated to helping people sleep well and have dreams if they happen to struggle with that. But anyways...

    Kurosawa making a film about his dreams as a forefront idea…

  • Grease 2

    Grease 2


    The powerful story of how a British person learned to be cool.

  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car



  • Multiple Maniacs

    Multiple Maniacs


    Waters and the Dreamland cast not quiet in the right groove, yet, but it’s hard to deny this being a real sledgehammer straight to the temples.

  • The Diane Linkletter Story

    The Diane Linkletter Story


    I've seen some "films" made by my highschool peers who really wanted to be "filmakers" and they make those stupid little teenage "films" and those "films" are even better than this. I did like seeing the crew though. Love those guys. :)

  • Hill of Freedom

    Hill of Freedom


    A beautiful movie about the moments between two people who really want to see each other, and will, but are currently stuck in a sad, confusing, and frustrating period of time where the two aren't joined yet. It's a very human experience, and a very human film.

  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari


    This would make a fantastic double-feature with Cure (1997). I'm a freakin' sucker for expresionist imagery, and this film has that and more!

  • Cure



    What makes us human?

    Is it our ability to distinguish right from wrong? or is it love? the relationships we create? The monuments we build?

    Cure is a very simple movie. What you see is what you get. There is no wasted movement. There is no lie. There is no "gothca" moment. It creates a world in the first act, executes on the structure in the second act, and pays off in the third. The only exception to this simplicity…

  • Freaked



    Styrafoam cup!

  • Beanfilm



    I'm so sorry for spamming your streams with beans but I have to bean to live.

  • Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

    Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes


    I'm not too hot on this one. Certainly got more interesting/better as it went on. The seeing-both-sides-of-the-same-event thing really just isn't my cup of tea, but it was executed very well at least.

  • Cecil B. Demented

    Cecil B. Demented



    John Water's ode to cinema happened to land right at the precipice at early 2000s edge, and never has time and space intersected at a more opportune place. Despite a lot of humor being (somehow) more on-the-nose than most Waters gags, the overwhelming energy this film has suggest such a ridiculously amazing vision that it's all easilly forgiven. In a way, the character's simplicity made them very easy to digest and get behind, but at the…