Unmasked Part 25

Unmasked Part 25 ★★★★★

This British slasher spoof is the best of that small subgenre that I’ve seen. I found it hilarious. Being British, the humor is a pretty dry but it’s really weird and like nothing else I’ve seen before. 

Jackson (almost sounds like Jason, doesn’t it?) is a killer in a hockey mask (yup). One day while he’s out murdering horny teens, a blind chick mistakes him for her date and the movie turns into a love story. Without the mask, Jackson is hideously ugly (deformed or scarred or both) but of course she can’t see that. The movie remains incredibly funny once it becomes a romance, including a bizarre sex scene with sex toys and a blow up doll. Even better, the kills are really cool with lots of awesome gore effects. Maybe not everything here works 100%, but most of it is insanely fun and amusing and I was really excited to finally see it. There are no parts 1-24 so don’t stress yourself looking for those.

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