Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★½

It’s that one scene from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo extrapolated to the nth degree. 

Too predictable and telegraphed (thanks largely to inappropriately premature foreboding score). Some ambiguity and mystery would’ve served it well. Especially after having recently watched Barbarian, where it constantly plays with your expectations and has you second guessing your own theories, this just felt dull in comparison. You have to start with realistic awkward social situations and then continually justify objections the audience will raise with good writing. In other words, the script has to be ahead of the viewer. When the viewer is ahead everything deflates. The filmmaker’s intent to frustrate the audience is reminiscent of an internet troll. 

Well shot with strong performances but ultimately one note and tedious. When you get what a filmmaker is going for (making the audience anxious and miserable through unbelievable character interactions) and then there’s nothing extra to add to it, the experience becomes a massive shrug.

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