Nobody ★★★½

I enjoyed this movie a lot. The direction and editing is excellent and was very reminiscent of Edgar Wright, and the comedy aspect was good.

The action sequences are great. In the 2000s, we had the Bourne films, which popularized fast cuts and shaky cameras in action movies. But In the 2010s, we had movies and TV shows like Daredevil and John Wick, which had action scenes with a lot of long takes, and very few cuts. While these types of action movies are really fun to watch, especially since I can actually see everything happening, they did overcompensate a bit, with one main downside being that the punches did not feel like they hit hard. They feel like they're just taps with sound effects added. Also, especially with Daredevil, they don't feel like the punches actually touch the other guy. Obviously, they don't hit in real life to avoid hurting the actor, but those fight scenes just don't feel real to me.

When I saw that the creators of John Wick were involved with the movie, I hoped that they wouldn't make the same mistakes that they did with those movies. And I'm happy to say that they didn't. The action scenes are great, with a lot of comedy. I especially loved the first action scene at the bus. Here, you could see that when Hutch got hit, it actually hurt. The punches looked like they actually connected, and he wasn't invincible. An added bonus was that the characters that Hutch hurt actually suffered long-term consequences. I watched Batman Begins the other day, and to get the police off his tail, Batman got them into car crashes. At least one of them had to have died, yet Batman says he doesn't kill. There was a funny nod to those types of scenes in this movie.

I'm a sucker for action comedy films, so I may have overrated this a bit. But overall, it's a really good movie.

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