Scream ★★★★½

Very curious what this must play like for someone watching it for the first time now. Tonight for the first time it felt old. Movies don't look like it anymore. People don't dress like that anymore. Video stores, a cell phone being an anomaly, climbing through bedroom windows, it's another era. I was 14 when I saw it in the theater. I went with some friends to see ANACONDA and then snuck in to SCREAM after, which we then felt really bad about because it sold out and people couldn't find seats. Even that anecdote is a product of a bygone era because ANACONDA came out in April and SCREAM had been out since Christmas but was still selling out!

I mean, this was when it was "original" and "fresh" to quote movies in your movie. To have characters that referenced other movies had never been done before. The idea of media and culture negatively affecting teenagers was still new to the mainstream. It was a novel motive for these killers. Pre-Columbine. What a world.

I also remember thinking it was weird that my dad wanted to see this and did. Why would an old man care about this movie? Now I'm thinking about how my dad was 41 then and I'm 38 now and you better believe my old ass will be in the theater for SCREAM 5 next year!

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