The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

the first time i watched the social network, i near enough hated it. i simply could not see how it was worthy of all the hype it was receiving - let alone all the oscars. the second time i watched it, i hardly watched it, only catching half an hour in the middle; but i did appreciate the acting and fincher's classic cinematography.
last night, i sat down and decided i would give it one final chance to really impress me. and the conclusion i have come to is that i must have been completely blind for the last 5 years. completely blind until last night. last night, a miracle took place and the dark veil obscuring my eyes from the true greatness of this film seemed to be lifted. that sounds beautifully poetic but i feel it conveys my newfound love for the film well. everything about it is powerful, and it doesn't even fall down marketing-wise. the poster - the one with the tagline written down his face - and the tagline itself, are two of my favourites ever. all i really have to say is that i feel so desperately remorseful for ever pushing this film so aside. and that i am deeply sorry, my dear david fincher, jesse eisenberg, andrew garfield, jt, rooney mara and max minghella for ever doubting you.

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