Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★★

I mean... It's a movie about a bunch of assassins on a high-speed rail. There's some inherent fun built into the premise. Even if it this had been completely botched, I imagine it still would have been at least somewhat entertaining.

The bad news, the humor doesn't always land. In fact, I think the jokes are more miss than hit. Sometimes, I think the movie is trying too hard to be funny. I couldn't help that David Leitch was trying to recreate the specific tone of Deadpool in some instances and it just didn't quite work for me all the time.

The good news, this movie is otherwise, a blast. It's sitcom style antics paired with bloody, satisfying hand-to-hand combat. The script is smart - with multiple Chekov guns firing throughout the runtime in entertaining ways.

And despite what I mentioned earlier, there are some funny bits here. One of them involves a Karen. Leveraging laughter from Karens might be considered low-hanging fruit, but it works.

Brad Pitt, not surprisingly, is the best part here. Although I really liked Aaron-Taylor Jonson here as well. That's surprising to me, because I've found him to somewhat plain in previous roles (especially Godzilla 2014). He has good rapport with with Brian Tyree Henry.

Speaking of which, Henry was worked with both Pitt and Angelina Jolie in recent movies - I wonder if that was ever awkward for him?

In any case, there are a few smile-worthy surprises and cameos. The climax goes on a little long, but I thought the overall package was really entertaining. This is a train ride I think I'd like to take again.

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