Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★½

A beautiful poetry authentic and worthy of its time. 2 hours of pure mastery and a reciprocal passion in ecstasy.

The film goes far beyond just a story about two young women engaging in a fervent passion, the director casts her feminine gaze on a time when women were almost forbidden to laugh too much, get involved in the arts and even decide their own. future It arrests you from beginning to end, well-directed, has a beautiful photograph and amazing performances, but a awesome merit is the way he can convey feelings through the scenes, whether in silence and glances or with short dialogues. A highlight is the veracity of the seduction chemistry between the two. I'll confess I got a silly smile on my face every time they started flirting in a delicate and sincere way.

And how not to mention that ending scene? Cruelly powerful, the feelings portrayed in the intense orchestra heard by Héloise remind her of all the moments she has experienced with Marianne, as in the scene where she asks what it is like to hear an orchestra and the explosion happens in the end making her tear up in tears.

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