Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★

This was a surprisingly inventive, enjoyable, and wildly entertaining horror film with more on its mind than satisfying a standard genre exercise. Characters who are both endearing and ridiculous (often at the same time), a plot that must have taken some serious confidence to run with, and a willingness to be both fun and gruesome. The best part is that your struggle is shared by the entire cast of characters as they try to figure out who the murderer is over the course of a night marked by complex dynamics centered on gender, age, class, and visceral insecurities. There is some sense there that the characters are also viewing their circumstances through a narrow lens colored with a lot of assumptions. However, some of the dialogue fell flat for me in the moment because it felt like it was trying too hard to shoehorn in the terms of current struggles. In this case, I'm torn between two opinions. On the one hand, it provides background information on the characters, but on the other, even with that in mind, it still feels like that is the area where the writing is the weakest. Even though the tempo slightly slows down toward the end, it's still a wild ride; exactly the kind of summertime entertainment that should be enjoyed. I'll take a film like this over more formulaic fare any day.

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