The Wolf of Wall Street

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This review may contain spoilers.

The ending of this movie is why I am terrified of our society. Jordan portrays some of the most vile aspects of humanity but because of his wealth, people are still listening to him. The public doesn’t care that he’s a wife-beater, cheater, coked-out asshole who went to prison and screwed over everyone he loved. They still eagerly attend his seminar just to figure out how to be him. The FBI agent who worked his ass off for years to incarcerate Jordan still rides the subway and Jordan got freed after 3 short years. It makes the viewer hate that that is the world we live in - one where corruption and greed can trump good. By not showing us the poor people he screws over it puts the idea to the back of our minds just as it is his. It makes us a part of his world and it’s UNCOMFORTABLE. It makes the fact that this is a true story all the more terrifying. It also reminds us how not everything is black and white. You can have all the wealth in the world and all the while still be empty.

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