Logan ★★★★½

rewatched with a 12 year-old 

Excellent on a rewatch, picked up on much more this time around. From its somewhat theological undertones to its flawless conveying of the suffering and exile the protagonists endure, Logan is consistently innovative, engaging, thought-provoking and near flawless. The R-Rating provides for a much more mature standpoint on violence and its impact on the world. It's practically a narrative and thematic tool rather than a provider for action sequences. There's an excessive amount of violence here, but not without reason. Without killing there cannot be living, violence is not a bad thing, like anger, the way its embraced is what can be destructive and devastative, not its existence. Logan explores all of this and some. Loved all of the technical aspects as well, from the fantastic lighting and cinematography to the incredible piano-based score. Logan is a comic book film like no other. Glad I gave this one a second shot.

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