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  • Le Trio en mi bémol

    Le Trio en mi bémol

    Totally breezy and inoffensive, but also wholly inessential. A lot of Rohmer lives in this sort of bourgeois lovers' quarrel zone but at least in most other cases he's around to direct it. Rumor has it Michel Vuillermet may have been behind the camera from a script by Rohmer? Anyway, it's not bad but it sorely lacks any justification for its existence even as an experiment, since Rohmer's prior filmed play had still carried over his visual style which Le Trio certainly does not. I can't bring myself to hate it, but I certainly can't bring myself to care.

  • The Vampire Doll

    The Vampire Doll


    A mostly traditional kwaidan story updated for the times through reverence to Hammer films and Corman's Poe adaptation, just a perfect lil Japanese haunted house jawn with some surprisingly effective scares cutting through the oppressively thick gothic fog permeating the movie. Underrated banger!

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  • FearDotCom



    Simultaneously the most 2000s horror movie while also charting its own territory somewhere totally unique—an internet-based slasher procedural trapped in an endless maze of high gothic neo-German expressionist sets. The screenplay is beyond moronic ( but the film’s observations about a video-obsessed online culture fixated on spreading viral content—a culture that had yet to even come about in 2002–hit far harder today than could have been possible at the time of release. Coupled with the genuine aesthetic brilliance on display,…

  • Only God Forgives

    Only God Forgives


    It feels more than a little ridiculous to call this an "action movie" given the glacially slow nightmare pace it maintains for the duration of its running time, but with this many katana mutilations I suppose that's the only place it really fits. Brutally anti-commercial stuff. Feels like Refn specifically made this movie to piss off anyone who dared criticize Drive for moving too slowly--though of course he outdid himself on that front with the masterful Fear X a decade earlier.