Zodiac ★★★★

Zodiac includes a sensational cast and a rapid-fire adapted screenplay. The pace of the film is never slow despite its near 3 hour runtime. Zodiac is less about the post-Vietnam generation’s Jack the Ripper and is more about the psychology of information. We spend a tremendous amount of time with 2 of the Avengers and a cartoonist played by Jake Gyllenhaal who all have occupations in which they influence information. How information gets to the public, how much, and how it is conveyed.

What we learn from Fincher’s meticulously directed picture is that when people are confused, details come out of nowhere. When people are obsessed they eat, drink, and dream the subject but are clouded with confirmation bias. 

The players both primary and secondary are sensational (look for Baker-Hall, Donal Logue, and many others actors who shine). 

Yet, Downey Jr. is my favorite. He delivers his lines like a young Goldblum. His delivery is often perfect and his diction makes everything he says bite with facetious wit. My favorite moment is when Gyllenhaal is running off details in the bar about the case and Downey Jr. says something like, “we weren’t all boy scouts,” and then snorts some cocaine. I laughed very hard, and this film needs moments of levity.

Overall, I could watch Zodiac a dozen times and never get bored. Exciting. Fast-paced and thrilling all at the same time. It talks a lot without exposition. Lastly, it looks great and everything seems period-perfect from the late ‘60s bow-ties to the early 90s snack machines.

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