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This review may contain spoilers.

I think this movie overall was fun to watch, I had a lot of laughs, there were some meaningful lines, I soyfaced at one part. that being said, I think the characters were written to be extremes just for the sake of the plot. I thought Margot's refusal to eat the food was examplarly of one of those extremes, but they gave her a sort of decent reason to do so when played against the chef's obsession versus love and blah blah the foodie was suuch a dick and the regular wanted to jack off to his daughter and the chef. the chef really had me questioning the character of the cult leader, the split personality, the crazy man. to be crazy is to be uncontrolled by society. his desires lie outside of capital (even though they're heavily influenced by it with their lease on the island and their equipment and all the rare shit) so he cannot be totally ruled by his provider of capital. when he kills that investor guy, he is demonstrating the claiming of that freedom, coupled with the recognition that he himself must leave the elite world to continue being free. --more thoughts later, now I must rewatch the lobster--

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