The Deep House

The Deep House ★★★

i watched this because John gave it four stars and the concept seemed interesting. this movie was so predictable in like every possible way and the dude oh my god oh my god the British dude....not a great character and not a terrible actor or anything but ugh idk look, this movie is about YouTubers trying to make YouTube content in 2018 or whenever this was made. I will watch YouTube for hours guys, hours, and it'll rot my brain out of my eye sockets and I'll only be free when I can wrench up my thumb to close the app. so I will literally watch ...Hours guys c'mon of shit I don't care about at all, and so this like, 87 minute movie about and underwater house was maybe the highest concentration of good media I watched in a week. audiobooks don't count but they sort of do because I'm listening to the foundations trilogy on YouTube right now and instead of an audio book it's a bunch of British guys acting out the whole thing and the sound quality is terrible. keeps me off my phone though. I give this movie an apathetic look and one thumbs up.

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