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This review may contain spoilers.

so is Scarface just anti cuban propaganda?? idk enough to have an opinion but with an opening like this and the US's history of squamshing communist countries and how Cuba is talked about now I am incredulous.
you can't be gay but also you can't eat pussy. make it make sense!!!
like shit, Cubans rioting because they've all been forced into a prison camp under a bridge? and so they're the bad guys? and what, tony gets some form of redemption for hating communism? beautiful shot, beautiful walk on the way to the ground. the death of that Fidel advisor or whoever is very dignified in a way, he's portrayed as a rich bitch type sniveling bureaucrat torturer, but he has to have some sort of sympathetic nature for us to be against his killers.
Instagram has been giving me a ton of ads for a ring that you can store coke in. I guess it could be fore ket or whatever too. anyway that's what I'm thinking about.
this scene with hector is like trying to buy drugs on lex.
I am trying to figure out if Tony's character is believable. machismo is pretty fucking crazy, and trust is something, but shit fr is he just not afraid to die at all? that mentality exists somewhere. but I wonder what is compressed inside of him to make him that hard. I wonder if his portrait of manhood has to be put upon a non American for the American audience to feel "right" about him. does it make him cooler (?) to have such a precarious life that must be raised up by extreme violence?
the shots in this movie are just great. they definitely know when to cut away, how long to hold a shot, etc. currently very into the pervasive pink of the Babylon club. I feel like it really speaks to how the creators want us to view Lopez. unserious, a little fruity, gaudy. I wonder what Elvira is thinking about.
when tony is surrounded by these moneyed men who need him to prove his worth, is he bolstered or cornered? how much of his action is determined by immediate environment.
they have mentioned heart attacks three times now.
obviously he is being played.
he seems more comfortable around women, not for the right reasons, not creating good situations, but shit, that face of his breaks up a little when he's not interacting with men.
how much are women at the root of this? yeah they want money, yeah they want power, but those are the necessities for being with women.
wow another beautiful shot. no matter how fucked your area is, you can't get rid of the sunset. and in the midst of all the wires, a pastel home. with the women again, ones he won't force himself on, and there's that softening again. is it for them, too? but of course his mother is aware of something fishy, worried about where the money is coming from. and what jobs is he doing right now? oof and putting a bad name to political organizations again. the men use him. the women cannot respect him. he's always going to be the tiger striped cadillac. what am I supposed to think of his sister? she's too young to wrap her head around her brother, I think. she's abandoned and living with someone who knows to work for everything, always, constantly. their little-doll house doesn't have room for him.
I feel like this is another movie about a "street smart" guy bringing lived experience to a high falutin enterprise. I am wondering where his sway comes from. he knows stuff, certainly, but why would anyone agree to his demands for business? especially in the beginning, with no real reputation except Manny's word? is his externality pushing a wedge into business, allowing outer parties to feel they can get better outcomes but moving into the space he creates? everyone hates Omar, I've decided, so is tony a way to push him out/around?
this dude knows how to wear a transparent shirt.
the deaths in this movie have been very beautiful. the line Omar moves across the sky in is so level, it's almost like he's floating across a stage. so much is for show. Tony said he'd carve that first guy up, and he didn't. he stabbed him once, maybe twice. everything else has been extravagant, flashy, sending a message to just one person.

new idea: letterboxd for commercials

I can see why a whole generation of men wanted a Scarface poster on their cinder block walls. I'm a little surprised the women think this bitch is ugly too like, his personality is not good at all lmao but he's kinda sexy fr. like guys it's al pachino c'monnn. but being like hey we don't know each other and I would really like you to be the mother of my children…bruh you are LOOKING to be set up. don't trust her bro, she hates the latines.
cop drinking milk at the club. they are so good at characterization.
anyway if I had to interact with Tony Montana I would probably hate that bitch lmao. what do the dudes watching this think? there is no camaraderie here. just wanting to be this guy, wanting to have his fearlessness. doesn't his life look like shit though? his relationship to women is so important to him and so unsalvageably fucked. it plays as a backdrop to his business ventures, but it's the canvas.
I cannot believe how into octavio these people are. like…I wouldn't pause a HIT to see a guy in a paper mache mask and a fat suit dance around??? cool foreshadowing about the assassination though, I was too focused on the heart attack.
I'm surprised that no one tried to kill tony when he went after frank?? was everyone in on it? at least the bro with the fedora?
bruh I don't believe Elvira didn't betray him? doesn't make sense in her character.
pan American blimp, the world is yours. fucking good ass shot again!!!
chained up tiger. makes you think. Elvira with her thousand yard stare.
banker versus coke king. I feel the language of the banker is supposed to be reality slipping in. of course it isn't, but I love the air of legitimacy on the people tony works with. his all black office, monogramed chairs, red carpets, money spending, coke mechanisms, he's not cut out for sustainability. I think that is due to not only his character but the nature of a one man show. or the single man at the top. ooookay is this once again talking about Cuba and Castro? someone who knows more about this needs to talk to me about it.
"we're getting sloppy" having a little meeting in the bathtub. in it so long he's got a pillow. kept woman who just does coke. calls him slurs. what a compressing boring life. stressful

--he's got a carpeted bathroom too? he's just like me fr--

angry little guy in a bubble tub. I wonder how quickly the water gets cold.
I saw the scene in the red room a week ago and I was like I have to watch this movie. they're always so good at turning on the TV when it's about them. there are so many nested and interwoven characters to make this sort of business run, and having them all in the same room with snippets of them in their regular lives collaged on to tv, yum, delicious.
being pushed back down to hitman, because he is still the most disposable.
I guess he finally gets it. he's got a nothing life at the top of everything. a new way of not being afraid to die. and he needs his wife to spell it out for him. dead end.
I always tell the truth, even when I lie. damn this bitch gets it. he's very natural in himself. truth versus honesty type shit.
oh shit. the women are back. are they pawns, furniture? yes. but shit are they not so much of this dude's mind. but he's driving the car. he has the power to stop it the whole hit, but he's driving. he'd rather just kill the guy than to drop his own part of the power. and now all the women are flaking off of him.
black white and red, the first three colors to be separated from each other. something so gaudy about the building blocks. and gold, of course. gold painted and gold guild. being told he's got bigger britches than he can fit. I feel his power oscillates wildly.
poor Manny, you were so hot. only confirmed pussy eater rest in peace.
he's got such a thing about women. he can't let them slip away, so of course he holds them in a vice grip that just splits them in half, and the pieces fall out of his hand.
he reminds me of so many men. no friends. no idea how to treat a woman. no trust.
all those mountains of coke in front of him. they're really tiny, actually. when it comes to what surrounds them, what is done for them, not even thinking about all the production, the things hocked for them, the people dead the people in jail, the people with deviated septums. this movie is reminding me to never try coke. and shit, if you're all alone with your mountains, who's going to fight in your wars?
even if he hadn't killed Manny, what was he supposed to do?
oh don't hit me with that smile gina. do I really need to talk about incest being a turning inwards of the family? distanced so far from the sister and mother. thank God she's just trying to kill him.
I just want to say if I was trying to kill someone, at night, I probably wouldn't fucking wear sunglasses.
they give me a Herculean ending, the might of one man, the power of one beyond iconic gun, but what sort of life could even come out of this scene? he takes so many bullets and just stands. he's another beautiful, showy death. not able to see 360, no one to watch his back. maybe the world was his, but what world?

movie about men. sorry men, love you guys fr. get some help. read a book. find someone you trust to be vulnerable with, preferably another man.

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