Superbad ★★★★½

Superbad is my favorite genre of movie, coming of age, so I was extremely excited to watch it! not to mention the cast has some of my FAV people, like micheal cera, emma stone, and bill hader.

I’m not a big fan of a lot of the humor used in this film (it just doesn’t amuse me), but there were some incredibly funny moments that totally brought it together. Like the scene in the grocery store when Seth is imagining different scenarios KILLED me. 

I loved emma stone and micheal cera’s characters SO MUCH they were such sweet hearts omg. 

The cops were absolutely hilarious and def my favorite part of the film 

I didn’t realize the whole “Mc’Lovin” scene was from this movie, as it’s totally trending on tik tok right now! That was a rlly fun surprise. 

can we all agree Seth is one of the worst movie characters in history cause he’s such a bad friend? thank you😌

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