What Time Is It There?

What Time Is It There? ★★★★

This is the third Tsai Ming-Liang film I've seen, and I think it's a pretty good sign that I've liked each of his films more than the one before it. That being said, I did cheat a little and take a break halfway through this to eat lunch. (I say cheating because this IS a slow, silent, very contemplative film, with takes that often last 20-30 seconds lingering on characters faces as they lie in bed, that kind of thing). That said, the film is legitimately hypnotic (I was particularly struck by the fishtank scenes, as that fish has PRESENCE), and while I'm not quite sure if I understood the ending (Ferris Wheel = Watch?) I found myself quite moved by it, like eavesdropping on someone else's dream as it came apart right before they woke up. These comments feel pretty superfluous, but I think that's the point--this is a hard film to write about, perhaps, as it illustrates things that people have such difficulty expressing with words, and even with images, and handles them so deftly and gracefully. The world might not make a lot of sense, but with Tsai Ming-Liang showing it to you, you can almost believe that there is something there, even if deep down, the nagging voice in your head tells you it's just a fish.

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