Escalation ★★★

Animation Challenge 2019-Week 18: Watch a Film by one of Disney's 9 Old Men

This short is just over two minutes without credits (it's definitely one of the shortest films I've watched for this challenge) so it may feel like cheating to some, but in the context of Ward Kimball's career and the 'Nine Old Men' in particular, it's an interesting artifact, opening with a grotesque caricature of LBJ whose nose seems to be caught somewhere between Pinocchio and a Weapon of Mass Destruction before it explodes, triggering a sudden montage of Americana (Fast Food, Heroic GIs) Carnal imagery (Naked breasts!) and explosions that mirror the opening credits of Daisies-an assault that lasts about 45 seconds before the whole darned thing collapses on itself. Short and not exactly subtle, the film is especially notable when considering the fact that it was made independently of Disney, who might have found it a little too...........political?

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