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  • The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave

    The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave


    Weird mix of genuinely striking imagery (albeit with a little bit of a reliance on slow-motion early on, and POV shots late in the film) and meandering story that burns through a bunch of remarkably unsympathetic characters - leading to it probably being taken best as a well-made black joke, albeit one that opens with a main character who's murdering women who remind him of his dead ex-wife because he can't get over how they got naked in the forest…

  • The Kid Who Would Be King

    The Kid Who Would Be King


    Historically significant as the penultimate film released by Fox Studios before it got swallowed up (forever?) by the Disney behemoth, and artistically significant as writer/director Joe Cornish's somewhat slow in arriving follow-up to ATTACK THE BLOCK, this gently (but genuinely) subversive, goodhearted take on a King Arthur for the 21st century features a nearly-unrecognizable Rebecca Ferguson (trapped, Loki-Style pre-Ragnarok in a cave in the earth by CGI roots) as Morgana LeFay and a combination of Patrick Stewart and young actor…

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  • Lemon


    A person could accuse this film of many things, but false advertising isn't one of them.

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    It's sort of tricky to know what to say after this one--on the one hand, I'm pretty sure a lot of other people are articulating things better in their reviews, and on the other hand, I'm still recuperating from the experience of this one. That said, I feel like I should write something, so a few points:

    +I was worried about seeing it in 3D, but the film's color palate is bright enough that it didn't feel like I lost…