Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ★★★

It had been years since I last saw this, and my friend (who claims these films are better than Star Wars) wanted to have a marathon.  And me, being the film lover, said yes.

The film was alright.  The production value is staggering.  Everything for the most part looks incredible and Verbinski helms this monumental task with ease.  The score is great and iconic, and the characters memorable.  But altogether, the film is just too much for me.  Overly long, at two and a half hours, boring at times, cliche-ridden, convenient, unrealistic, and super cheesy with the dialogue, humor, and cliches (especially that scene where Elizabeth discovers the crew’s curse - I literally said, “Are they going to break out in song?), Curse of the Black Pearl just didn’t land for me.  The SFX too aren’t bad, but are dated.

Overall, upon rewatch, this first Pirates film was pretty disappointing.  Way too long, kind of boring at times with a pacing problem, ridiculously cheesy with poor humor and silly one-liners, super-convenient, and ultimately unrealistic, I’m sad to say this one didn’t hold up for me.  And with this being said the best one... I’m worried.