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This review may contain spoilers.

Where do I begin. (spoilers ahead)

A lot of hype going into this one, remaking’s if the best opening scene / kill since the original etc, I was very excited to say the least. 

I was very disappointed with Scream VI. As a massive fan of the franchise I couldn’t have been more ready for this but the story was a let down. I get there’s no Neve Campbell, and at least Sidney is referenced but I don’t really care about these new characters. I have zero attachment to them but I only realised it more now since we have no Sidney or Dewey on offer. I do love that Ghostface could attack anyone, and the anonymity of the character is perfect for any revenge story so it could always work on just about anybody. I kinda like Tara buy Samantha is just as dull as dishwater. 

Leading on from that, I didn’t love how un-killable basically everybody was. Very disappointing. Ghostface attacks used to have value and dare I say, a slight bit of terror attached, here the character is merely a prop for gore, someone can get stabbed and show up bandaged 30 minutes after. Do your fucking job, Ghostface. 

We do get a bit of Gale Weathers here, and I liked her scenes but that’s just the nostalgia kicking in I guess. 

The attack scenes themselves are fine, gore for the sake of gore but they’re essentially meaningless to the progression of the story as plenty can survive the attacks. I love the Ghostface character so I’m always happy to see that white mask pop up but I wanted it to mean more. 

My biggest gripe in the story was the reveal. My least favourite in the series by a mile but it was even clutching at straws. Very disappointing. From then it turns into a paint by numbers finish because Samantha is just so unstoppable, but she’ll never be Sidney. 

I guess I’m ranting on here a bit but I genuinely felt let down by the film. Dermot Mulroney was an embarrassment. And don’t get me started on that weak ass opening kill. 

This is the bottom of the rung for me. 1 and 2 are still untouchable but I had more fun with 3-5. Still, I’ll watch it again and maybe it grow more on me. 

Massive special mention to the Letterboxd shout out, I ate that up big time. 


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