Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★

2nd viewing of this film. 

Unfortunately my rating stays the same, which is still very good. This is a very solid sci-fi action movie. 

Where the first one brought magic with practical effects, Vol. 2 shows that it clearly had a bigger budget and the film is bursting with VFX. Not necessarily a bad thing but it loses a small bit of its heart in the process. 

It's definitely funnier than the first, but again in parts it's so funny characters just seem like they're there for comic relief. 

The Soundtrack however did get better on a repeated viewing. Some songs are so well placed in the story that you're just waiting for that first cord to strike. 

Baby Groot is awesome, but definitely could've done with more action scenes as he's made to look cute and strong at the start but slowly turns into a victim of the story and it's very upsetting to see a small CGI tree to shed a tear. 

As the film draws to a close after its massive CGI Fest we get a very sombre and fitting ending that brings it all back as to why we just love these characters. 

Not without its flaws, Vol. 2 is definitely up there with Marvel's better movies.

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