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Favorite films

  • The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion
  • Woman in a Box: Virgin Sacrifice
  • Die, Mommie, Die!
  • Funeral Parade of Roses

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  • Special Onanie


  • Barbarella


  • eXistenZ


  • Female Teacher: Secret


Recent reviews

  • Special Onanie

    Special Onanie


    We got this Roman X entry shot on video for the final Zoom Up series. From the beginning to halfway of the film, it establishes a moody, neo-noir, jazzy feel. Unfortunately, the rest of the film and characters fall flat. The actors do not have any personality.

    Lately, the Roman X line has been a letdown. I was expecting something darker and sleazier, but we got this very dull story of two people who long for each other, being a…

  • Female Teacher: Secret

    Female Teacher: Secret


    If the secret was that teacher was horny, then it wasn't a secret at all.

    I do not know what was happening with the music; it was a rip from Pink Floyd and other guitar riffs.

    The story made no sense visually; again, there were no subtitles, and it was longer than the usual 60 mins.

Popular reviews

  • Fatal Games

    Fatal Games


    It should have started with a kill to create a mood. It's mostly bland but not offensively boring.

    The film itself looked aged or had some degradation.

    "Cindy, We all have secrets..."

  • Masochist



    A nurse has limitations, and in Nikkatsu Roman X, nurses discover the darker side of scientific research with failed surgeons who also like to experiment with medical equipment.

    The poster's Japanese title almost reads Pervert to most, but it can be a correct title. This is a slow-burn tale of a woman's descent into sexual depravity. Shot on video, the Roman X line went for a grimmer aesthetic and post-video experimentation with overlays. You can see how these films were…