First of all I have to say that Otto e Mezzo is my first Federico Fellini film. I've heard a lot about this film before because many call it a masterpiece but I didn't know nothing about the story. I choosed it to be my first just because it's one of his most talked about films.

There are some amazing sequences during the entire film, a mix of reality and fantasy where many things that at first might seem strange and might not do many sense when you started seeing beneath them you'll perfectly understand their meaning.

I think the opening sequence is my favourite, when Guido has the claustrophobic dream about being trapped inside of a car in the middle of the traffic. It's absolutely stunning and basicaly represents everything that we are about to see next.

Guido Anselmi a film director, is a man that is trapped inside himself, with no new ideas and nothing knew to do. This man is perfectly aware of what he is and what he already accomplished in life and that's why it will be difficult to surprise or continue to be praise by everyone who love him.
While everyone around the business still love him, and they are all anxiously waiting for his next work he can't stand the idea that he simply just can't have the imagination to create something new or be someone else. He is what he is and nothing will change. He has to be accepted the way he is, and also be humble to accept others the way they are.

After finish it I did a little research because I wanted to know the reason of the film's title and I discovered that this was Fellini's 8th film and it is a self portrait what makes it even more fantastic and interesting.

I think this is another one of those films that is easier to be experienced than explained but I can affirm that it is a brilliant piece of cinema art.

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