Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★★

here we go…

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 is out the final installment of this trilogy! I liked this trilogy a lot I would be excited to see what would happen next friday and where would the story take place for these characters. In this finale we find put about Sarah Fier’s past and then the “epic end” to end this curse in the final act. The plot twists in this series are just mind blowing like omg. I would go into spoilers but im not since im a good person and i know some people havent checked this out or wanted to wait for all these movies to be released. BUT JUST WOW. The writers are so creative for this story i mean just wow. 

My only complaint i guess for Fear Street is i dont know why did Netflix (or the production? idk rlly know its probably netflix) decide to just make this into three parts. I’m guessing they wanted to this since its summertime, netflix wants to put something out to make people excited, hype them up for a fucking big ass horror story, or they need to get something out before fucking august comes with their shitty content (dont get me started on hes all that and kissing booth, that month makes me more pissed than this month). Anyways..I kinda would like it if it was in the one big thing but it is what it is and its been 500 years in the making for Fear Street to made into an movie adaptation.

But in conclusion, I really liked Fear Street. It’s really good movie trilogy series I think everyone will enjoy. It’s gory-fun, interesting, & one hell of a rollercoaster.


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