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  • L'Argent



    This movie is wild.

    I was not expecting to say that about any Robert Bresson film after engaging in a mini-marathon of his films today. He’s known for his minimalistic filmmaking style, his use of non-actors giving restrained performances, his preoccupation with class warfare and his focus on religious and spiritual themes. L’Argent has some of those elements but it feels like he was on a drug binge while he was making this. Instead of moving at a slow, deliberate…

  • A Perfect Enemy

    A Perfect Enemy


    For a relatively short feature film, A Perfect Enemy packs a lot into its running time. Initially, it appears to be a story about a mischievous youngster engaging in a battle of wills. When it begins to spiral out of control and becomes something more, it can be difficult to get on its wavelength. Wanting to be campy and self consciously ridiculous early on, it then takes a turn towards being extremely serious to the point where it’s hard to…

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  • Secretary



    BDSM isn’t often featured in romantic comedies and when it is, it is usually depicted as a creepy kink that disgusting deviants are into. There will be a sight gag involving a woman who has been tied up or a cowed man who is being ordered around by his girlfriend. We’re meant to believe that these are sick, sick people who deserve to be mocked and ridiculed. There is no consideration of what they get out of their sexual fetishes…

  • Diana


    I would seriously recommend watching this video of Christopher Hitchens perfectly deconstructing the Diana myth:


    I went into Diana as a person who has always hated the British royal family and Diana Spencer. This means that I had a lot of baggage to work through before I could actually digest the content of the film. I am a New Zealander and that means that Queen Elizabeth II is featured on the currency I use and when I watch the…