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This review may contain spoilers.

Alright, this one will be interesting. 

Massive spoilers ahead. 

So, I have been greatly anticipating this movie since it was announced. An absolute travesty that we’ve had to wait yet another 11 years after the 11 year wait we had for Scream 4 (Thanks Rio 2, you blue prick). So here we are and I couldn’t be more excited. 

Gonna dive into certain areas here so bear with me. 

The beginning was a lot of fun. Our first real throwback to the original. All the other sequels had their own cool opening scenes but I’m happy to see someone just being called on one on one again. It didn’t disappoint, mostly. Once things get going it doesn’t take long to see this is a far more vicious Ghostface and already more hardcore than previous killers. The problem here is, after all the vicious slicing, we hear that Tara has survived. WHAT! Not what I wanted to hear to start things off.  I’m not rooting for her, I don’t care about her, but I guess this all comes in to play later on. 

Speaking of not caring, all new characters are pretty lame. Even the main ones. I had no reason to root for them and I found it hard to really like any of them. But it is a slasher after all, I do care about Ghostface paying a visit to each of them. At least Scream 4 had Kirby, but even the rest of the characters were more likeable I felt. 

The OG’s are good here. I’m very happy they all agreed to come back and I felt they were all handled better than the new characters, and I’m happy with that. 

Something else I took issue with was Tara being kept on a private floor in the hospital. Here we go again. Scream 4 made this mistake. Why does Woodsboro have such a badly staffed hospital with empty floors? Anyway we progress. You know exactly where this is going and the private floor comes into play exactly how you think it will. 

Let’s move on to Dewey. I really like the Dewey character and more so David Arquette because of him. But I had a feeling his was gonna meet his maker. All I’ll say is it’s a brutal scene, perhaps deservingly so for an original character, you gotta make a statement and a statement was made. 

Regarding the kill scenes overall, they’re by far the most memorable parts of the film. The humour isn’t necessarily here on the same level as Wes Craven brought, but it does have more of a serious feel at times and can be very dramatic. After all, it’s about people being brutally attacked. It is amazing though how characters get ravaged but are relatively ok a scene layer. There’s definitely a suspension of belief required here. 

Now to where it fell apart. The reveal sucked. Wasn’t a fan. Only so many times you can slowly remove the mask to shocking reveal a face but I just wasn’t a fan of how it was handled here. My real problem, and it’s not a new problem, is Amber. I’ve no problem with small statured girls being the killer but don’t have a stuntman in the suit for her scenes and have us believe it’s her. It’s Amber that’s responsible for Dewey’s downfall and that definitely took away from it for me. Scream 4 did the exact same with Emma Roberts so I won’t fault it too much. Richie also being the killer was fine but not shocking enough that I cared too much about it. 

It may seem like I’m shitting on the film a bit but that isn’t my intention. The original film (and 2 and 3) mean so much to me. Scream was a huge part of my childhood and it will always have such a special meaning to me. So when 2011 came along and I was old enough to watch one of the films in the cinema I was delighted. Scream 4 wasn’t perfect either but a great addition all the same. There’s a certain coolness that the films are set in the time it’s released and there is time between this movie and 4, adds a certain realism to it I think. I would’ve preferred we got a 5th movie 8 or 9 years ago though. I really hope we get more and soon. 

I came for Ghostface, and Ghostface delivered like never before. I’m glad the film is getting a lot of praise but I can also totally understand why some won’t like it. It’s not the best since the first film, Scream 2 still holds that title, but it is a good addition to the series, and I can’t wait to watch this again tomorrow (Always have to rewatch to see which killer killed who). 

Watch this at the cinema if you can!

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