Twin Peaks: The Return

Twin Peaks: The Return ★★★★★

Was there another image that perfectly encapsulated the experience of living through 2017 than Charlene Yi dragging herself across a bar floor, slowly breaking down until she unleashes a primal scream that eventually fades into nothingness? Twin Peaks was less film or television, but moreso something born of alchemy. A tragedy written in a holy text that reshaped our conceptions of what cinema could be while circling back to the life of the girl whose death is where it all began. If Fire Walk With Me gave the cinematic dead girl a voice then the newest incarnation of Twin Peaks made her a deity. Despite all its grandiose moments, and there were many, Twin Peaks is the story of one girl and the trauma she experienced. Laura Palmer's life is a psalm stricken with tragedy through the violent machinations of man's worst evils, both in metaphor, and within the literal text. She is our catalyst, our martyr and our angel. She was the one.

The start of something, but I wanted to get this down. Hopefully LB won't delete Peaks this time.

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