Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

"What lives inside Fire Walk With Me is the unbridled, brutal honesty of a girl suffering at the hands of incest. When we're first introduced to Laura Palmer in Fire Walk with Me it is through a tracking shot. It's jolting and startling to see the image of the girl who washed up on the shore given life. No longer an object. She's living, breathing, and going to school just like everyone else, but there's something subtly off about the way she carries herself as if her body is functioning on auto-pilot while her mind races away somewhere else. She trudges more than walks and her awkward, if sweet, interactions with a fresh faced Donna Hayward (Moira Kelly) create an immediate dissonance between the two characters. There is no way for viewers to see Laura Palmer without the context of the image of the dead girl, and Sheryl Lee understands that central idea in her body language. As if, she too, understands her place in the world is one of temporary residence. No one lives, but usually we do not resign ourselves to death in the way that Laura Palmer has done after years of sexual abuse. She carries the grief, disgust, self-hatred, and exhaustion of someone whose body is out of their very control. There isn't a way to understand what a body is if you've never been given the opportunity to live within your own skin without someone taking everything from you. Since the onset of puberty Laura has been violated, and with the ongoing changes in her body she has seen a world that views her through the same lens her abuser does. The eye of David Lynch lingers letting Sheryl Lee's performance do the talking leaning inward when necessary to create the illusion that there isn't space between the audience and Laura Palmer. It is up to us to feel empathy for her and listen to her cries. She cannot be ignored. We have to see her. "

Full essay below: On Both versions of Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer and Sheryl Lee for the 1 year anniversary of Twin Peaks coming back to television. Huge trigger warning for detailed account(s) of sexual assault

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