Blade Runner ★★★★★

A tragic movie. A planet in decay offers nothing for its newest hosts. The overlying themes of the privileged asserting their power over the weak. Humans are gods and like god have given a death sentence to their own creations. They must die in four years, but as they grow up they want what humans have, but they are not allowed. The horror of watching one woman be gunned down in the street just because of who she is will never stop being severely upsetting. The replicants are not villains. They're slaves who cannot truly exist in this world and when they try for more they are exterminated and they're gone. No one seems to care, and this cycle continues. That's the greatest tragedy of all in Blade Runner, and it's sadly prescient for the current state of affairs in the world. We just don't have flying cars, but there are people who are treated like others, and whose humanity isn't valued. I wish Blade Runner's metaphors were stuck in the realm of science fiction. Sadly they are oh so real.

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