Blind Spot

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This review may contain spoilers.

General Thoughts
Tuva Novotny delivers a slow-burn thriller experience of a family tragedy that felt all too real.

It is a movie shot with simplistic long take(s) that without a doubt is the catalyst that will draw the audience into the scene in a very personal, excruciating and claustrophobic manner. I felt like I was THERE and I found myself holding my breath more than a handful of times.

Pia Tjelta's performance is the heartbeat of this movie. The emotional spectrum she displayed is so raw that at times, I felt compelled to look away.

Final thoughts
As the subject matter is a heavy one, I applaud Novotny for using this medium to spread awareness and continuing the conversation of mental illness. This is a very impressive film for her directorial debut and I cannot wait to see future projects, be it as an actor or director.

Fun fact about the production (from tiff Q&A): the film was shot in three days, three takes, and all continuous takes.

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