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  • Disco



    A film that is all too familiar. Someone who isn't Christian will be scratching their head after this and probably would just lump this as another film criticizing Christian cults. To these people, YOU WILL NOT RELATE.

    As a Christian raised in a pentecostal household, this is a movie about Christian denominations, their imperfections and an all too relatable coming-of-age with Jesus. I'm putting on my Bible thumping hat for this. The psychology of growing up in a Christ-centered household…

  • Liberte



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    TIFF #5

    The guy sitting beside me after the ending applause - "that was the most reluctant applause I've ever heard". Sums up the movie pretty well.

    The worst film so far this festival and I doubt any will top it. Not for the faint of heart and its just too sexually graphic to get any point across for me. It had to take the Q&A with the director to get some sort of semblance to understand the movie and…