Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie

I almost don't feel like I should criticize this after hearing all this rant about critics and the general public not understanding the vision of filmmakers.

Anyways, Zendaya is amazing here! The cinematography is sometimes nice, I especially liked the long take at the beginning. I wish Sam Levinson had made more of those.

About the plot, it's no good. This almost two hours back-and-forth discussion was exhausting, because at the end of the day, it's Sam Levinson ranting about critics and how stupid they are.

Also, John David Washington delivered one of the worst performances I've ever seen. Holy shit! it's a discussion with you girlfriend not a theater play. Extremely over-acted and it just feels odd, like he never said something he really believed.

And I hate how this film is "self aware" of the attitude that Sam Levinson takes because it mocks himself. Now it's impossible to criticize it without someone telling: "yeah he's aware of that".

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