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  • Stickfighter



    This unseen gem is amazing. I don't know how or why this vanished from cinematic history, but it's a real shame. It falls firmly into that sweet spot between legitimately solid action film and odd passion project. It's awkward in every way, and in all the right ways.

    But let's start with star and writer Kely McClung as DEA agent John Lambert. McClung is exactly what you want in this role: a guy with quality martial arts skills and a…

  • Attack of the Beast Creatures

    Attack of the Beast Creatures


    My luck with tiny monster movies has been great lately!

    Attack of the Beast Creatures is populated completely by people who only appeared in Attack of the Beast Creatures. Written, directed, edited and produced by people who only worked on Attack of the Beast Creatures. It appears to be a pure, uncut labor of love...and I love it for that.

    The story's simple. Castaways from the shipwreck Obelisk wash ashore on an island that is infested with tiny little dolls…

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  • Parole Violators

    Parole Violators


    I know when most people think of vigilantes, they think of the Punisher or Paul Kersey. But when I think of a vigilante, I think of human dick joke and friend of all children, Miles Long.

    Parole Violators is truly top tier odd cinema. And I don't think enough appreciation has been paid to Pamela Bosley as police officer Tracy Dodd, Miles' officially designated love interest.

    The things the script asks to say, and the way she chooses to say…

  • Crack House

    Crack House


    Rick and Melissa look poised to have a great life together...or at least a fun couple of months until Rick's cousin gets killed in a drive-by and he decides to go back into the gang life. Rick sucks at being in a gang and is instantly arrested. Melissa ends up becoming an unwilling pawn in a power struggle between BT and Steadman, hooked on booze, coke and crack before being confined to the titular Crack House. Rick gets local cop…

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  • Max Cloud

    Max Cloud


    The setup sounds pretty good. Scott Adkins is a comically cocksure captain within a 1990 video game, crashes on the planet Heinous and must battle his way through the villains, including space sorceress Shee (LaShana Lynch) and the armored tyrant Revengor (John Hannah). Player Sarah gets pulled into the game, Jumanji-style, and must help Max Cloud and Commander Rexy accomplish their mission before the twin sons of Heinous rise.

    The execution is...not as great. When that one boss battle was…

  • Telly...Who Loves Ya, Baby?

    Telly...Who Loves Ya, Baby?

    On the evening of February 18, 1976, CBS and Kraft foods decided the pre-Bicentennial public needed a little more Telly on their tellies. The result was a peculiar example of the fabled 70's variety show, where Telly and his guests regaled the live audience with comedy, drama, songs and dance.

    Barbara Eden shows up to quip and sing a little, Cloris Leachman does a dramatic monologue on the life of the actress and Diahann Carroll joins Telly to reminisce about…