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  • Mirror



    “You should never return to ruins.”

    An overwhelming sense of sadness and regret permeates Mirror, Andrei Tarkovsky's fourth film and a cathartic meditation on the impossible mourning of people, places, and events that are impermanent and thus lost through time.

    This is illustrated through the poetic and abstract remembrances of Tarkovsky's alter ego, Alexei—a man in his forties. As he nears death, he recalls moments of his life and desires to relive them, wanting to feel again the radiance of…

  • Nymphomaniac: Vol. II

    Nymphomaniac: Vol. II


    “It's my own fault. I'm just a bad human being.”

    Nymphomaniac is not a movie about sex; it is a deconstruction of human sexuality and, by proxy, a deconstruction of the human condition. It gets to the core of what makes humans tick and exposes the ways in which our complex and unnecessarily repressed relationship with sex manifests into internalized and externalized self-hatred and shame and perpetuates violent and misogynistic bigotry that alienates and degrades the oppressed.

    It poses difficult…

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  • mother!



    “You never loved me. You just loved how much I loved you.”

    Mother! is a terrifying biblical allegory, psychological thriller, social commentary, and tragic romance wrapped into one intoxicating art film. Aronofsky's seventh feature, and one of his most fearless, Mother! allegorizes classic biblical fables to comment on the inherent destructiveness of humankind and the moral depravity of organized religion as a force that empowers and perpetuates bigoted, violent ideologies.

    The plot is simple: an unnamed man and a woman,…

  • The Damned

    The Damned


    “Personal morals are dead. We are an elite society where everything is permissible.”

    The first film of Visconti's German Trilogy (followed by Death in Venice and Ludwig), The Damned is a relentlessly disturbing and claustrophobically immersive depiction of the depraved horrors of Nazi Germany, as illustrated through the inward collapse of a wealthy German family during the rise of Hitler’s new dictatorship regime.

    The family, like Germany, is slowly corrupted by fascism, hatred, and bedlam; its members turn on one…

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  • Baxter, Vera Baxter

    Baxter, Vera Baxter


    “He wanted to meet me because of the price I was worth: 1 million.”

    Baxter, Vera Baxter is a poignant meditation on the suffocating omnipresence of men and how it serves as a force to oppress women that is enabled and perpetuated by a patriarchal society. It analyzes and exposes the institution of marriage as having the inherent capacity to disempower women and thus, empower men, by exhibiting a scenario in which a woman is shamelessly objectified and commodified for the social and…