Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel ★★★★

This whole time I’ve been fighting with one hand behind my back. But what happens.... when I’m set free?”
oh my god. oh my god y’all. 

I fell in love with carol danvers back in 2014. she was powerful, sassy, a star wars nerd, didn’t take shit from the men in her life. everything I ever wanted in a hero. 

when I heard they were making a captain marvel film, I was nervous. how are they goint to take this larger than life hero and put her on the big screen? 

but guess what? they did it. 

every film has its flaws, and this one is no exception. however, it’s a film with heart and soul. how are you supposed to react and build yourself back up after half of your identity is taken from you? and how can you become a better person by doing so? 

I love carol danvers. I love this film. go women.

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