Killing Birds

Killing Birds ½

Daily Horror Hunt #58: "25. Watch a horror film that came out in the same month as your #24 (it doesn't have to be the same date or year, just the month!)."

A soldier returns home to find his wife in bed with another man, so he kills them and (her? his?) parents before having his eyes gouged out by his pet birds. A couple of decades later a group of college students arrive on his property looking for a rare woodpecker and get attacked by the man's zombified victims.

They put googly eyes on Robert Vaughn! That's probably the most notable thing about this movie, and even then the word "notable" is doing some extremely heavy lifting. The birds don't kill anyone. The zombies only turn up for the final 30 minutes and attack people with no explanation. The long-abandoned house they decide to camp out in (of course it's the house where all the murders took place in at the start) might be haunted, or it might just be getting excited over having visitors for the first time in a couple of decades. One guy doesn't even get killed by the zombies, ghosts or whatever - he dies because he stupidly stands too close to a generator and gets his compass on a chain around his neck get caught in the gears. It takes about a minute for him to die, and his friend just stands there watching the whole time when it would have been the work of five seconds to pull the chain off his neck. They spend the entire movie dropping hints that one of the college students is actually the son of the killer from the start (who we briefly met as a concerningly naked baby, the camera getting close enough for us to see the kid was circumcised), but that gets resolved by the blind guy turning up at the very end and going, "Yes, I am your father," and then they just walk out and leave him to his fate? A completely off-screen fate at that?

Allegedly Joe D'Amato was the uncredited director for this, as well as the cinematographer. I have seen probably too many of D'Amato's films, and this one has to be right there at the bottom. And that's a really deep bottom.

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