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  • Birds of Prey

    Birds of Prey


    Daily Horror Hunt #59: "29. Director Spotlight: Watch a horror film from René Cardona Jr."

    A TV reporter and her cameraman boyfriend follow a trail of deadly bird attacks across Europe and realise that the birds are organising and attacking humans en masse.

    Before Birdemic, there was this movie (aka Beaks: The Movie), a perhaps even more blatant rip-off of Hitchcock's The Birds than Birdemic could ever hope to be. It steals scenes straight from Hitchcock's classic, such as the…

  • Jennifer



    Daily Horror Hunt #59: "28. School is out for most. So watch a horror film set in a school."

    Jennifer is a "hillbilly" girl attending an elite girls' school on a scholarship. The other girls at the school hate her and bully her, led by the ultimate mean girl Sandra. Eventually though, they push Jennifer too far and she calls upon her childhood power to control snakes.

    99% of the time, there is no faster way to make me turn…

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  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Daily Horror Hunt #47 (May 2022): "1. Let’s thank johnconn for hosting last month’s hunt. To show our appreciation watch a horror movie johnconn’s given 4 stars or higher.
    Horror x52 (2022): "1. Most popular horror film on your watchlist."

    Batman and the Green Goblin man an isolated lighthouse in the 18th century together.

    So, if you've ever really wanted to see Cedric Diggory beat the absolute living hell out of a seagull, then this is the film for you.…

  • Haunt



    Daily Horror Hunt #49: 16: Watch a horror film that's in the 4 favorites of the most recent person to follow you, as you're making this, who has a horror film in their 4 favorites. If there's more than one, your choice.

    On Halloween, six college students looking for a fun event end up at an "extreme" haunted house that turns out to be far more extreme than they anticipated or ever wanted.

    I will admit, when I looked at…